Meditation Exercises

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How to do Meditation

Learn the basic skills to get started cultivating a meditation practice.

As with anything in life the amount of benefits received from meditation will be directly reflected by the amount of consistency, diligence and dedication put forth to the practice. The meditation landscape can be broken down into some main categories from beginner to advanced level. Although some wonderfulbenefits encompass all styles, specific benefits can be pursued by understanding which techniques produce certain results. The following guidelines match the type of meditation with the benefits desired:

  • Deep Breathing Exercises- illicit relaxation response, increasecirculation, cardiovascular benefits, ​emotional release​​​​​
  • Visualization Meditation- competition and performance enhancement, better mental focus, improve creativity and imagination
  • Kundalini Meditation- raise chi or prana aka life force energy, increase motivation, build stamina, increase energy awareness, activate internal body healing, increase sex drive
  • Chakra Meditation- clear and balance energy, create more wholeness, better understand how energy relates to different aspects of self                            

Meditation Benefits are Determined by Technique and Devotion to Practice...

Meditation Products

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Benefits Include:
Reduced stress
More peace of mind
Better cognitive abilities
Reduced irritability
Experience greater joy
Better mental acuity
Greater emotional intelligence
Stronger spiritual connection
Better ability to feel relaxed
Find life's purpose
Discover hidden talents
Stronger sense of self
Feel more connected to nature
Have greater compassion
Feel more gratitude
Reduce addictive behavior
More mood stability
Increased energy
Better communication skills
Overcome fears
Improve relationships
Feel greater wellness
Improve self esteem
Better quality of sleep


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